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2016 Quilt Show

Congratulations to Becky Siddens on winning the Viewer's Choice Award for her
"A Place in the Sun"
embroidered quilt!!


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2016 Quilt Show Photos

Above:  Some second floor entries

Below: First floor photos




The Vermilion County Museum Society, 116 N. Gilbert St., Danville, IL, announces the winners of the 34th Annual Midwest Heritage Quilt Show. This year’s show, sponsored by Threads of Time Creative Sewing & Retreat Center, received 97 entries. E & B Gifts and Awards is donating ribbons for the winners and participants. Major media sponsor is the Commercial-News.

                         This year’s Best of Show winner is a collaborative wall hanging work entered by Debbie Derr/Weaver called Changing Light, This unique quilt is a set of panels that, when hung together, make a sunrise to sunset scene. The panels were created by Debbie Derr/Weaver, Diane Daly, Dianne Pederson, Beth Peters, Diane Winder, and Sandy Stewart Cox.

            First Place Winners are Debbie Derr/Weaver, Wall Hangings; Jennifer Dixson, Pieced -1930 to 1950; Donna Gash, Clothing/Purses; Donna Gash, Pieced - 1950 to Present; Ila Hillard, Embroidered; Bonnie Johnson, Clothing/Purses; Michael Johnston, Pieced -1950 to Present; Candice Justice, Wall Hangings; John Kirksham, Pieced -1950 to Present; Debbie Lamar, Pieced - Prior to 1930; Pat Romant, Clothing/Purses; Pat Romant, Household; Becky Siddens, Embroidered; Debbie Smitely, Wall Hangings; Beverly Stockdale, Baby; Pam Stultz, Unquilted Tops; Mohan Tracy, Pillows; and Janet S. Woods-Bray, Lap Quilts.

            Second Place Winners are Betty Barkman, Pieced - Prior to 1930; Janice Elwell, Clothing/Purses; Suzanne Garcia-LaBombard, Lap Quilts; Dick Garmon, Pieced 1930 to 1950; Ila Hillard, Baby; Anita Ingram, Pieced -1950 to Present; Barb Monson, (2) Unquilted Tops;  Jean Renfro, Lap Quilts; Leon Sollers, Wall Hangings; Sherry Fourez Sollers, Wall Hangings; Brenda Spurgeon, Clothing/Purses; Pam Stultz, Unquilted Tops; Marlene Tucker, Pieced -1950 to Present; Rosalinda Walker, Pieced -1950 to Present; and Janet S. Woods-Bray, Wall Hangings.

Third Place Winners are Betty Blanton, Pieced -1950 to Present; Janice Elwell, Clothing/Purses; Pat French, Unquilted Tops; Alice Hires, Unquilted Tops; Cindy Jaeger, Lap Quilts; Pam Johnson, Wall Hangings; Candice Justice, Embroidered; Sara Kleihauer, Wall Hangings; Jane Lesko, Kit; Linda Preston, Pieced - 1950 to Present; Sherry Fourez Sollers, Wall Hangings; Brenda Spurgeon, Child; and Beverly Stockdale, Lap Quilts.

            Honorable Mention winners are Rosalynn Maudlin, Pieced -1930 to 1950; and Donald A. Smith, Kit.

            As a part of this year’s quilt show, the Museum Society is raffling off an embroidered quilt with a pansy design, which was owned by Chris Foreman and donated to the Museum for raffle by the Heart & Hands Night Quilt Guild.                        

 quilt. Tickets are $1.00 each or you may get 6 tickets for $5.00.     


Best of Show Winner


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