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4th Grade - Heidrick

Josie Reardon - Third Place

Jocelyn Stark- Third Place



4th Grade - Bilstad

Joshua Watchek - Second Place

Kaitlyn Yount - Second Place


4th Grade - Harper

Lacey Ferrell - Second Place


4th Grade - Peterson

Callie Carpenter - Second Place

Leeah Haton - Third Place


5th Grade - Wells

Lexie Hall-Grand Prize

Ella Tutwiler - Third Place



4th Grade - Thomason

Mohamad Shillo - Third Place



4th Grade - Cash

DeVante Johnson - Second Place

Darius Cotton - Third Place


4th Grade - Hannah

Dayo White - Third Place



4th Grade - Barnes

Daylin Zaayer - Second Place

Layla Atwood - Third Place

Angeline Hall - Third Place

Megan Lawlyes - Third Place

Ayrika Myers - Third Place



4th Grade - Heatherton

Addison Briggs - Third Place

Tucker Sollars –Third Place


5th Grade –Dahlenburg

Brooklyn Carrell –Third Place

Reaghan Morgan –Third Place


5th Grade –Heffernan

Jazmyn Bennett –Second Place

Brady Chamberlain –Second Place

Sophie Sager –Second Place


5th Grade –Wells

Jacob McCool –Third Place



4th Grade - Spicer

Hayden Miller –Third Place


4th Grade - Williams

Kyra Johnson-First Place

Precious Lee-Third Place



4th Grade - Chamberlain

Amaya Romero-Third Place


4th Grade - Warren

Christian Hoskins-First Place

Anna York-First Place

Damon Dillon-Second Place

Lillian Garriott –Third Place

Bailee Easton-Third Place



4th Grade - Sovine

Mareli Ocampo-First Place

Blaike Monson-Third Place



5th Grade - Unzicker

Alli-Jo Rodgers-Second Place

Bryce Martin-Third Place

Macy Musgrave-Third Place



4th Grade - Johnson

Jasper Livi Gritten-First Place

Kenzie Carpenter-Second Place

Brady Steinsdoerfer-Second Place


4th Grade - Pettice

Aviahda Alonso-Third Place

Walker Enos-Third Place

Kyler Johnson-Third Place


4th Grade - Wells

Kayla Goetzelman-First Place

Hannah Noelle Evans-Second Place

Evan Blackford-Third Place


5th Grade-Hobick

Riley Denhatter-Third Place

Aricanna Finley-Third Place

Cecilia Liggett-Third Place

Jazzmin Quick-Third Place


5th Grade - Huchel

Shandra Andrews-Second Place

Ben Darling-Second Place

Isabella Kennedy-Second Place

Joelyn Rae Estock-Third Place

Ella Hance-Third Place


5th Grade –Rowe

Sophia Hart-Third Place

Will Irick-Third Place

Chloe Peck-Third Place




5th Grade - Payne-Smith

Ella Acton-First Place

Lahna Benjamin-First Place

Bryleigh Zelezrik-Second Place

Courtney Rose-Third Place



4th Grade - Drake

Sean Munden-First Place

Hannah Downing-Second Place

Brady Stewart-Second Place

Tommie Meharry-Third Place


4th Grade - Hines

Madison Lou Harden-First Place

Adam Williams-Second Place

Zoey Markland-Third Place

Callie Richardson-Third Place


5th Grade - Biggerstaff

Libby Pearman-First Place




4th Grade - Smith

Miley Jo Pierce-Second Place

Lily Rose Haga-Third Place


5th Grade  - Spesard

Sophia Kelly-First Place

Ava Wade-Third Place


5th Grade –Webb

Jasper Hunter-First Place




4th Grade-Dale

Ann Cahill-First Place

Addison Forsyth-Second Place

Irene Rangel-Second Place

Shaw Black-Third Place


5th Grade-Cooper

Doyle Carter-First Place

Devyn Gose-First Place

Kaitlyn Bailey-Second Place

Vivian Ludwig-Second Place

Liam Rome-Second Place

Haylee Watson-Second Place

Madi Blurton-Third Place

Suzanne Hawker-Third Place




5th Grade - Day

Kareinma Hampton-Third Place


5th Grade - Franey

Claudia Magally Gonzalez-Second Place


5th Grade - Frazier

Anna Mae Evans-First Place

Skilar Jaiy Brown-Third Place

Molly Compton-Third Place


5th Grade - Martin

Johnnie Rodgers-First Place

Aliya Morgan-Second Place

Anya Young-Second Place


5th Grade - Turner

Jonathan Harmon-Third Place




5th Grade - Valangeon

Jackson Cronkhite-First Place

Anya Dyson-Third Place

Aaliyah Flowers-Third Place




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