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Museum Gift Shop
The Museum Gift Shop is open the same hours as the Museum.
No door fee charged to shop.
Selection of local souvenirs, books, toys, and gifts.
   Check, cash, VISA and Master Card accepted,
minimum $15.00 purchase on credit cards.
For additional information:  217-442-2922 or vermilioncounty@att.net



  Images of America Danville
In commemoration of the Society's 50th anniversary, this book includes images that have been selected to reflect the history of Danville during the last century. Care has been taken to include photographs that have been recently placed in the Museum's archives.

The book contains 127 pages of photographs and historical information.

Cost: $23.95 tax included
 $5.00 postage and handling.


        Here Stands The Law
his is the history of the events and murder that led up to the formation of a mob, the lynching and riot, the courageous conduct of Sheriff Hardy Whitlock, and the aftermath. The eyes of the nation were on Danville, Illinois, in July and August of 1903. While troops occupied the city, the drama played out.   

Cost: $15.00 tax included
 $5.00 postage and handling. 

Lincoln: Twenty Years
 on the
Eastern Prairie
This is the history of Lincoln and the people of the Eastern Prairie who lived in extraordinary times in our nation's history. They were Lincoln's friends, clients, and political supporters. Some of them knew him from the time of the Black Hawk War in 1832, until his death in 1865. Many of those he knew preceded him as causalities in
 the Great Rebellion.  
Cost: $20.00 tax included
  $5.00 postage and handling.

Greetings from Danville
A History in Postcards
One hundred different Danville scenes are presented in this book from old postcards.  Each photograph is identified with its name and location, as well as historical information about the site.  

Cost: $15.00 tax included
 $5.00 postage and handling

Danville:  A Pictorial History
Reprinted in 2005 by the Museum Society and the First National Bank of Danville/Westville, the third printing of Bob Wright's book offers one of the most complete pictorial histories of Danville, with hundreds of rare photos and illustrations from the early days of Danville through the 1980s.  Errata sheets containing updated information on the sites is included with each book
Cost $43.10 tax included
$5.00 postage and handling. 


Vermilion County
and the Civil War
This book was published in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. It relates  to the prelude to the war,  life on the home front, and is a record of Vermilion County  resident's participation in the conflict. Read about the men who volunteers and made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as the soldiers who survived. This book is based on their letters and diaries, many of the words are their own. A writer for American Legion Review once titled Vermilion County, Illinois, "the most patriotic county in America." The volunteers from Old Vermilion, who answered the President Lincoln's call to arms, deserved that title. This is their story.

Cost $32.57 tax included
 $5.00 postage and handling.

History and Romance of
 Danville Junction
First published in 1942 as a limited edition, very few copies are available today.  This 145 page book is a hardback with dust jacket.  Additional photographs have been added to the original  format of the book.
Books are available in the Museum's gift shop or can be purchased through the mail by sending a check for

Cost $10.00 tax included
 $5.00 postage and handling. 
Vermilion County Museum Coverlet
The coverlet depicts local historical themes centered around the Museumís building logo.  These include: the downtown Danville skyline representing the county seat; the Salt Kettle Monument reflecting the first industry in the county; the downtown Danville U.S.A. for the people of county history; the Soldierís Circle at Spring Hill Cemetery for those county individuals who gave their life for our countryís freedom, a prairie scene for the countyís rich farmland; Ellsworth Park walk bridge for its natural beauty; and Abraham Lincoln the countyís most noteworthy visitor.

The ultra weave coverlet measures 48 by 68 inches and is woven in full color. Coverlets are 100% cotton, fringed on all four sides, machine washable and woven in the United States

Cost $35.00 tax included
postage computed at time of shipping.


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